Last year, we went to Fallout for NYE. It was packed, but celebrating a new year with close friends is wonderful. This year, we are probably going to Fallout again (because it's free and that is where our friends will be). Last year, I started making a paster strip mask, but in frustration, didn't finish the design of it. I did write two masquerade mask inspiration posts though. I decided to use makeup instead. It took less time and stress, but in retrospect, I don't like the design I did. However, I've done more intricate make-up few times since, so I could probably do a better job this time if wanted.

This year, I'm going to make a bandeau style veil, as described in this birdcage veil tutorial. I'll write a tutorial for mine, after I've made it, which will be soon. For John, I'm going to make a plaster style one on him. Then, I'm sculpting it with additional materials. I will also write a tutorial for his in a separate post.

For today's tutorials, I'm including different ways to make masks, both physical and make-up. That way, they are budget and skill friendly.


This is a plaster one that has been embellished to make a cat mask. This is great tutorial and useful for making other style masks, like a Scaramouche mask (the kind with the elongated nose), a demon mask (adding horns vs ears), a fairy mask (add swirls or leaf shapes), a phantom mask (only half face), spikes, etc... Also, you can embellish it with anything. Hot glue is your friend with this project. If you don't want a stick, drill holes in each side of the mask. Then, add ribbon or elastic cord. Consider the weight of the overall mask when adding pieces. Heavy things will weight the mask down and cause it slip down. This will be annoying. Same goes for the stick will get tired of holding a heavy mask. Things like feathers, beads, fabric flowers, ribbons and sequins are light and pretty embellishments to use.

This one uses a store bought masks. You can buy basic masks from a party or craft store. This takes a lot of time, glue, feathers, glitter and patience, but the outcome is worth it.

This one is inspired by Lady Gaga's Poker Face mask. I recommend using a fabric covered mask base, as hot glue doesn't adhere well to plastic. Remember to make sure your foam is the same color as your mask. This will be good in case there are gaps in your design...which there probably will be.

This one is inspired by Lady Gaga. To see easier, cut out eye holes. You can use a basic mask as a guide. I don't recommend using spray paint. Use black leather dye, if you didn't purchase black money, buy black leather. Also, loop the elastic through a hole in each side of the mask and sew the loop closed. This is more sturdy than glue.

This is my favorite tutorial on leather mask making. The mask is created by Tiger Torre Art. I love her nature masks the most.


This isn't a mask made with make-up. This is how to do your make-up when wearing a mask. I found this fairly helpful.

This one is inspired by "Labyrinth". Also, Goldie Starling is very talented with fantasy make-up, so I had to include her.

This is lacy and whimsical. The use of one color, saves on make-up and makes it easier to match to your outfit. However, you do need puff paint to help create the swirls. That will make more use when you watch the video.

I like the use of two tones in such a neat blended way.

This one is also inspired by Lady Gaga's Poker Face mask. I love the shine of this mask. You can use the clear mirror back stones like she did or different colors. She uses different sized stones. I recommend smaller ones, only because as your skin moves around, the larger ones are more likely to fall off than the smaller ones. Also, test this design before you need to get ready. That way, you can see what size and application method works best. These stones are reusable, so don't worry about messing them up by testing.


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