Slippers and Socks Tutorials

It's Winter and unless you live close to the equator, your cold. If you have bad circulation like me, your feet are probably cold year round. This means you need to keep them covered and warm. Here are a variety of slippers and socksyou can make to keep your tootsies toasty.

These are my favorite style, so I thought I would start with these.

Adjustable Size Slippers
In the pattern, you can alter the size and how far up on the foot you want the top to cover. If you like this pattern, but want a strap, follow the strap instructions in the 1st pattern.
I like the shape and height of this one. Of course you can increase the height of the leg. I recommend putting a band of elastic at the top.

Zig-Zag Socks
These use a V stitch, which creates the zig-zag pattern.

I love the boot style and cabling.
Ballet Slipper
These are less practical, more whimsical...but still they do cover your foot. Instead of the wrap around tie, you can add a strap to the foot. Or, you can attach the ties in the middle of the foot opening and the slippers will stay on better.
This is like an ankle sock.

Elf Slippers
I had to include these. They were to holiday appropriate not to.

These are whimsical and adorable. If you don't know how to knit, you can use pre-felted fabric.
I like the coverage of these and the ease of the tutorial.

Fjord Felted Slippers
These are knitted before felting.

Short Row Slippers
The construction of these is sturdy like many commercial slippers.

Branch and Butterfly Slippers
I like the added details on these. The branch one is doubled in felt, so double the warmth.

These are really simple and cute. You can use any type of fabric. I would recommend a polar fleece or baby fleece (the kind used for blankets), to keep your feet extra warm.

Cozy Slipper Pattern and Cozy Slipper Tutorial
I love the little ruffle. She used a felted sweater for this one, but if you allergic to wool (well animal fibers in general) like I am, try using fleece or something else plushy and warm...maybe terrycloth?

Slipper Bootie
This was made for a toddler, but of course you could use the same tutorial to make an adult pair.
Fleece Socks
I would never want to take these off.

Obviously the crochet and knit tutorials count as "no-sew", but not everyone can crochet, knit or sew. I could only find one "no-sew" tutorial.

This takes a pair of thick socks and adds a slipper bottom to them.


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