HOLIDAY: Holly and Berries

We all know you can break branches off a Holly Tree and decorate your house. That is easy and beautiful. However, I think they also make great accessories. Now, of course real holly leaves would poke you and hurt. Here are a variety of tutorials to make your own holly and berry inspired accessories.
This can be used as a headband if you don't have and/or are a boy.

If you don't know how to crochet, the beaded dangle part is easier to do and can be added to a ribbon to tie around your neck or an existing necklace chain.

This would be good with a pin attached to the back for a broach or a clip for a hair accessory.

Holly and Berries Garland
Instead of attaching this to a ribbon for garland, you can attach a pin back or hair clip. You can also make embroidered leaf veins, which I think would make this even cuter. If you allergic to wool, you can use a non-wool felt or green PVC for the leaves and pom poms, large beads (wood ones are light and can be painted red), or red sequins secured with red seed beads for the berries.

If you like crocheting better, I use this Crochet Berries Pattern and this Crochet Leaf Pattern to make hair accessories. After crocheting the pieces (3 berries and 2 leaves), I sew felt on the back. Green for the leaves and red for the berries. Then I used red thread to sew the berries in a cluster. I use green thread to sew two ends of leaves together. Without clipping that thread, I sew the berries to the leaves through just the felt backing of them. To finish, I attach a pin, a clip or barrette to the back so I can wear it.
(I actually crochet my berries together as I make them, but that is too hard to explain. The other way I described above is easier.)

I could only find a few holly and berry crafts, if you all know of any more, feel free to tell me and I will add them to this list.


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