HOLIDAY: Ornaments

We all know where to find those inexpensive plain Christmas ball style ornaments. We probably have a lot that have lost some luster. They come in many different sizes. They are available in plastic and glass. If those are too delicate for you, covered Styrofoam balls can also be used for some ornaments. To me, they are a bit plain, so here are some easy ways to dress up those plain ornaments.

Click on the names of the ornaments to be taken to a related tutorial for making them.


The design possibilities are unlimited. The glitter shown below appears to be the clear kind, but of course you can use other types. You can use spray adhesive with a stencil, lace or tulle, if you want something more detailed than you are capable of free handing.

This can be used for Styrofoam too.

If you want these to stand out more, carefully remove the cap (the silver top part). Then, paint the inside of the ornament with a dark or bright paint that contrasts nicely with the light colored flocking.

This could also be done with a Styrofoam ball. If you are a crocheter, like me, you would replace the needles with hooks. Of course any color yarn can be used to wrap the ball.
If you want something you can change out every year, try filling the clear glass ornaments with things like tinsel, sand, beads, trinkets, money, small candies, small toys, scenes like in snow globes. ribbons, tulle, lace, trims, mini tree ornaments...etc. You get the point. You just need to remove the top cap carefully to add things to the inside.


I love the look of the map, but this can be done with any sturdy decorative paper.

This looks hard, but it's not. There is a lot of cutting, but the assembly is really easy.

If you don't have any beaded garland, Mardi Gras beads would work too.

If you don't want to punch your own shapes, sequin shapes will work fine too. If you don't like the acetate, try using sturdy decorative paper or craft foil.

You can do overlays of mesh, chiffon, lace and tulle with this technique too.

This tutorial includes links to traditional quilt balls. I preferred this style.

This should be enough to start with. Happy Makery!


  1. These are beautiful! I especially love the mistletoe kissing ball. Am going to use that in a book!

  2. yeah, that Martha, she's makes an impressive mistletoe kissing ball.

  3. No instructions on how to make any of these despite the beautiful finished products.

    1. All of the featured ornaments have links to their project instructions. You need to click on those purple links. Since this post is from 2010, some links might go to now dead sites. Most of the links do still work.


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