UPDATE: Green Monster Scarf

I don't know why I forgot to post this, but I did. Last December, there was a lot of snow here. I went outside with my husband and daughter to play in the snow. In an effort to stay as warm as possible, I wore my green monster scarf. The 1st photo came out odd. I think it was due to how the light was reflecting on all of the snow. The 2nd came out clear like it should. However, I still like the 1st one better. These photos also give you all an idea of what this HUGE scarf looks like on me. It swallows my neck, but it really keeps me warm. There is so much scarf that it's shoved in my jacket too...which kept that part of me really warm too.

To see what it looks like on my dress form and to see other scarfs I have made, go to my Scarfs of Lovely Crochet post.


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