Recipes: Tis the Season to be Merry...with Adult Holiday Drinks

Ok, so not everyone drinks alcohol at the Holidays. However, a lot of people do. Why? To celebrate and to relieve stress. Here are some variations on some classic Winter drinks.

I don't like eggnog, well at least the one I've had. However, I thought I would start with a traditional holiday drink before all the other wonderful ones...that I'm more likely to drink.

This one is sweet and thick. It's like a dessert.

Eggnog Extreme
I think the extreme part might be that it's written to be a large batch.
A chocolate variation on the traditional drink


Apple Cider with Tequilla

Apple Cider and Brandy


This is frothy like a cappuccino, but with Brandy and Campari.

Hot Chocolate with Tequilla
This would also be great with some cinnamon, like this Nigella Lawson variation


Chocolate and sort of like a chocolate covered cherry, but in drink form.

Chocolate and Peppermint

Chocolate, Vanilla and Peppermint, all in booze form.


I don't normally drink martini's, but this one looked yummy.

Spicy and sweet


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