Recipes: Candy Apples

Apples are a favorite Fall food of mine. With Fall comes Carnivals, Fairs, Festivals and other celebrations. I always am drawn to the candy and caramel apples. Gourmet apples can be found at upscale candy shops and sometimes grocery stores. I wanted to learn to make many different kinds.

For any of these, you will need:
  • Granny Smith Apples or a similar tart apple - If you feel that you can't eat 1 full apple at a time, cut up the apples and then coat them in your candy of choice. I'm not sure how well this would work, but it's worth a try
  • Cookie Sheet - To sit the apples on while the set up.
  • Wax Paper - To protect your cookie sheet and to make the apples easier to remove from the cookie sheet
  • Wooden Skewers - With the exception of the mini caramel apples. Popsicle sticks, cut dowel rods and sturdy twigs can work too. You're not eating the middle of the apple anyway
  • A Double Boiler - Or if you don't have one, try one of these methods
If you are not American or don't use the same measurement system as us, you might need to convert the measurements.

Before we get to the fancy apples, we need to start with the basics, Candy Apples and...

Ok, we have the basics covered. After this, we get fancy.

A mini version of a classic. Great for a party, or if you have 1 apple and many kids who want a sample. Great for a small sweet treat.

This includes both milk and white chocolate, but feel free to just use one.

This would taste ever better rolled in toffee candies.

This one also has a tip on doing a chocolate drizzle. It also gives you some candy ideas. This one didn't have a photo, but since the below recipe has a photo of many kinds of apples, I thought that one would suit this recipe too.

You can use other kinds of crushed cookies and candies if you like. Feel free to experiment.

The use of black food coloring and black twigs gives these apples a spooky look. You will need red apples for the black to be really dark.

Should you need some yummy Apple Cider to go with your apple or just because, here is a long list of drink recipes. There are recipes with and with out alcohol. Happy making and eating!


  1. Where can I get twigs that are safe for use with food?

    1. That's a great question. Honestly, I can't think of a place that would sell food safe twigs. You might be able to take fresh twigs, wash them in vinegar and water, and bake the twigs, to sanitize them for food. Sorry that related post isn't available any more. They probably had some great tips.


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