PRESS: Crochet

I have yet to make one of these, but I should. In the future, I will update this type of stuff as soon as I know about it. Two of these are older, but one is fairly new.

The Daily Nail was inspired to make her own filet crochet skull scarf based off my Dia de la Abby: #2 - Filet Crochet Skull and Tutorial #2 - Filet Crochet Skull. She did a great job.

Creepy Cupcakes loved my Skull Scarf and other crocheted "eerily wearable pieces".

Shadow Manor also likes my Scarfs of Lovely Crochet. I updated my post with links to the filet crochet skull tutorials that I did write for Skull-A-Day after the initial post was written.

Thanks for all the support. It's interesting to see how far a blog I created just to document my work and spill out creative brainstorms, has come. I need to come up with a new scarf design, as it is scarf season.


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