Jelly Fishing for Accessories

08-28-2010 - Georgia Aquarium in Atlanta, GA

I have loved jellyfish for a very long time. I don't want to swim with them, for obvious dangerous reasons. I love that something this beautiful can be so dangerous. It's one of my favorite fascinations in life, beauty and death. This would be one reason that I work for the popular art blog, Skull-A-Day. Even I can not own a jellyfish, I do enjoy their beauty and like seeing them. Here are some of my favorite accessories made in honor of these beautiful creatures.


  1. I have had visions of Jellyfish in my head for about a year but hadn't dome up with what I wanted to craft - these are all great inspirations! Thanks for sharing these!

  2. You're very welcome. I like that I was able to find different mediums used to depict such great creatures. I want to try the plastic bottle one.

  3. sooooooo, you did or did not blow the above glass hairstick? i'm trying to score a couple at least if your trying to make some like them.... i like the bubbles even tho i know they're a weakness.... eh? and im in richmond too.

  4. No, I did not make the hair stick (or anything else on this post, other than the 1st photograph of actual jellyfish). If you click on the link right above the photo, you will be taken to the Etsy page for the item. That seller does work with glass.


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