Halloween 2010

My favorite holiday, Halloween has come and gone. I really enjoyed myself this year. Here is a recap of how we celebrated.

This is our front porch. It still looks like this and probably will straight through Thanksgiving. I'll probably remove the "Trick or Treat" and "Happy Haunting" signs and the window decorations. You can see my Sugar Skull Pumpkin displayed among the baby pumpkins, yellow squash and acorn squash. Can you spot my furry assistant? Hint, she is indoors.

Here is a close up of the decorations and my furry assistant peeking out the window. She likes to watch us as we leave.

This is the other side of the porch. Notice the spider theme. You can also see the other skull pumpkin I carved. This one was for Alex's class.

This is John and I in route to a Gallery 5 event to meet up with Noah. I thought this photo was creepy looking.

This is us at Gallery 5.

John was making different faces at me. This one looked creepy to me and also was a good one to use to explain the make-up. For his makeup, I using a black eyeliner pencil to draw the outlines for his eyes and nose. I used a triangle make-up sponge and Ben Nye white cream make-up to paint on the white. I just realized how weird his mustache looks not all covered in white. He was being twitchy about be covering it and complained the next day that he couldn't wash it all off...big baby. I used a small flat make-up brush and Ben Nye black cream makeup to fill in the black areas. This took me 10 minutes. We were in a rush because my make-up took so long to do. If I had more time, I would have covered his mustache, lip and chin area with white, and his cheeks with black. For his costume, he had a ripped and burned tie, shirt and pants.

Alex, being the creepy kid she is, wanted to a zombie for this Halloween. For her costume, she is wearing a black dress (of which I have an adult one like it), a black and white striped shirt, stitch print tights (bought at a Halloween store) and black canvas sneakers with sugar skulls on the sides (bought at Target). I clipped her hair back, so it wouldn't get in her make-up.

For her make-up, I used a triangle make-up sponge and Ben Nye white cream make-up to cover all of her face except the eye area and her chin, where the red is. I used a make-up brush and black eyeshadow to darken her eye area. I made her suck in her cheeks. I used the same brush and eyeshadow to darken her cheeks along the sunken area. I used another make-up brush to blend the black into the white areas better. I used my finger and Ben Nye red cream make-up to paint her lips chin and neck...so it looked like she had just eaten.

That is all for now. I hope everyone had a great Halloween.


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