DIY Bird Cage Veils

From as far back as I can remember, I have loved hats and hair accessories. I do not look good in hats as my head proportions are too large for them, but recently found, that I do look good in fascinator and large hair accessories. They tend to balance out the size of my head. I have made a few different styles of fascinators for myself and a friend. All of the veils are made from bridal tulle which is soft, has a small netting and is sheer.

This is mine.

This is the one I made for Camille. The choice of silver and black are to match the dress she is wearing. This was a trade for a logo she made me for The Drawing Sessions. The veil and feathers are attached under the silver bead and sequin covered PVC circle. The construction is more complicated than that, but that part is my secret. Everything is hand sewn together.

This is the wedding veil that I made for Elizabeth. I forgot to take a photo of it before giving it to her. The barrette portion has champagne colored seed beads in rows across it. Like Camille's I hand sewed this one too. The beading took the longest to do, but it was worth it because she looked beautiful with it on. I learned how to properly do beading along the way. I also figured out a sturdier and more professional way to cover a base.

I want to make a birdcage veil, so I bought 3 yards of black Russian netting from Hat Shadows. A birdcage veil, wraps around your head to cover the top portion of your face to your entire face, depending on the width of your netting. I needed some tutorials on how to properly make them. Of course, in the usual fashion, my hunt for tutorials turned into this post.

Here are some tutorials for your reading and making pleasure:

This style fits tighter to your face, just across your eyes and secures on both sides of your head. It uses 9" wide Russian netting.

I plan on making this kind, but use the circle and feather style of Camille's fascinator for the sides. I'm going to make mine all black and use small layered fabric circle flowers with black beads in the center. The feathers will be short like the photo below, as not to look like I have wings coming from the sides of my head.

This blusher style covers half of your face and secures in the back of your head using a small comb, but you can use a different type of clip if you want. You still want to use the same basic concept to make sure the veil wraps your head correctly. Just like the bandeau style, you can decorate the top of the clip how ever you would like. This would just add to the lushness of the veil.

This one uses 12" wide French netting, but you can use this same technique with 18" veiling. 18" would cover your full face and curve under your chin.

If you don't want your face covered much, this is a style of veil that focuses more on the flowers and the veil only covers one eye.
This uses 9" wide Russian netting.

Should you decide that you don't want to make one, or need some inspiration for making one, here is a list of stores that have a great selection of Birdcage and other style veils...

  • Birdcage Veils - There is a wide selection to choose from. You will see a variation in price too. I like to use sites like this for inspiration only, since the materials to make one are much cheaper than buying one from a site like this.
  • Unveiled Bridal Designs - There is a wide selection to choose from. There are hats too. The prices are high, in my opinion. I think this site it better suited as inspiration.
  • Etsy - Bird Cage Veil - The prices vary, but are well priced for the work and materials it takes to make them. There are also a lot of sellers for Millinery supplies, which you will notice quickly when you click on this link. Etsy is a great resource for hand made items and supplies for crafters. I buy a lot of supplies on Etsy.
  • Ebay - There is a mix of hand made, commercially made and supplies, but this is also another option for buying one. You won't get the same high quality in the commercially made ones as you will in a hand made one. The prices are about the same, so go with a hand made one, or since there are supplies on here too, make one.


  1. Beautiful!!! I love hats but they don't look good on me, but I love these!!!

  2. Thanks. These are a lot easier to make and wear than hats.

    I did make a birdcage one. I will have to take a photo of me in it. It was surprisingly easy to make.


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