Recipes: Halloween Appetizers

Since I was a kid, I've been fascinated with themed party foods. Halloween is my favorite holiday, so of course, I had to write a couple posts featuring some great spooky themed foods. Since most parties are not sit down dinners, I decided instead of entrees, I decided that appetizers would be better. I will put desserts in a separate post. Here are some of my favorite spooky appetizer finds...

One of my favorite party foods is deviled eggs, so for this post, I wanted to find one that looked like eyeballs. I was happy that I came across this one.

I know from eating lots of these, that the crescent roll dough with the hot dogs is a tasty combination. I prefer mine with Texas Pete Honey Mustard.

These would be good with nacho cheese dip. A nice variation would be sprinkling shredded cheese on top vs. salt and dipping them in marinara sauce.

I personally don't like the taste of pumpkin seeds, but other pumpkin flavored foods, I do like. There are many people that do like the taste of the seeds and this a creative way to have both the seeds and something filling like a bread stick.
What party is complete with out some type of dip? Even if you aren't a fan of bean dip, these bone crackers are really neat and could be used with other dips too.

This recipe is a nice take on a cheese spread, but I'm more interested in the presentation. I love how they put the spread in a hollowed out pumpkin. This is a great idea for baby pumpkins.

Including a pumpkin seed recipe is sort of a given. This also works as a food similar to peanuts, but more festive.


  1. I just can't say "no" to a mummy dog. :)

  2. They are delicious. I have the ingredients in my kitchen to make some. They are sort of like corn dogs, but probably more nutritious, don't have a stick and are easier to make.


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