Halloween Cooking Tools

Tis the season for Halloween parties and foods. I always love the spooky looking foods in those yearly Halloween Magazines...for which I have a growing collection. This is a collection of my favorite Halloween cooking and serving tools.

Lets start with the cooking tools to help you with spooky treats. I'm not talking about your every day things, though in my house, they could be, but the special ones made just for spooky treats.

I have two sets of these. I plan on using them this year. They aren't exactly cupcakes as much as mini cakes, but I want to upgrade my cupcake baking and decorating skills, so these are good for that.

These deserve some type of pumpkin spice cake with cream cheese icing. I would eat them for breakfast...What? You would too.

This is a cake pan that reminds me of all the wacky cakes that my mom used to make. She probably has one like this in her basement. They are fairly easy to use, so for the beginner baker who might want to upgrade their talents, try this cake pan.

Another great skull cake mold. I would figure out a way to put a raspberry filling inside a chocolate cake skull covered with white butter cream icing that is topped with colored icing designs. I'm starting to drool just thinking about it.

This is the ultimate sugar skull. You could pipe white chocolate icing (use food coloring to make different colors) on them in designs.

Haunted Halloween Pretzel Candy Mold
I LOVE chocolate covered pretzels. I had to resist buying these. I know myself too well that I would mess it up or not use it. There are plenty of people who do have the time and patience to make these, so that is why I'm sharing.


You can use these to hold candies, sprinkles, spices...and without the cork...alcoholic shots.

This is a perfect way to serve your spooky cupcakes and candy apples. This would be great to take to a party or use at home.

Spooky bowls are great for serving your spooky foods, pumpkin soup or eating from.

I love a good plate stand.

It's hard to see here, but the beaded chargers are made with tiny seed beads. They are amazing.


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