Recipes: Halloween Beverages

Since many of you will be hosting or helping with Halloween parties this year, I thought I would compile a list of Halloween beverages, foods, cooking tools to help you. I will break them up into 3 posts.

These are non-alcoholic, but you can add alcohol if you want a spiked party punch.

- A latex or non-latex (if you or you guest are allergic to latex) glove
- Lime Hawaiian Punch
- Frozen cherry juice concentrate
- Punch bowl
- Water
- Twist ties or rubber bands

1) Fill a glove with water, secure end with a twist tie or a rubber band - freeze it.
2) Pour lime Hawaiian punch in a punch bowl.
3) Add frozen cherry juice concentrate.
4) Remove the glove from the now frozen hand
5) Add frozen hand to punch.

Black Punch with Worms
- 1 cup gummy worms
- Water
- Punch bowl (one that is freezer safe)
- 4 cups green berry rush kiwi-strawberry or any fruit punch mix
- 3 cans (12oz/ea) orange flavored soda
- 3 cans (12oz/ea) grape flavored soda
- 1 can (11.5 oz) frozen grape juice (let thaw)

1) Put gummy worms put in bottom of a punch bowl
2) Fill the bottom portion enough for worms to freeze into the ice with water or punch mix
3) Once frozen run hot water over the outside of the punch bowl to make the ice loose from the sides of the punch bowl, so it will float
4) To the punch bowl, add fruit punch mix, 3 cans orange soda, 3 cans grape soda, 1 can thawed grape juice.

Not all parties have to be kid friendly and even those that are, well the parents need "adult drinks too. Granted, most alcohol lovers won't care if their drink is fancy, but if you want to make some fancy Halloween drinks, here are a few to inspire your spooky bartender side. These are my favorites from the selection I found. I haven't tasted any of them, but they include ingredients that I like. These are all from Webtender.

What is the point of making yummy drinks if they aren't presented well? At least this is the question that the party host in me asks. The normal person in me would drink yummy things out of any clean cup, glass, fishbowl..., but for the sake a Halloween party, we need it to be people want to drink what we made and we don't have as many left overs.

If you want something simpler and inexpensive, go to Dollar Tree to buy black paper cups, a large candy bowl (which can double as a punch bowl), and a plastic ladle.


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