COSTUME TUTORIALS: Making a Tulle Skirt

There are many variations on how to make a layered tulle skirt (also known as a tutu). You can make them by hand or by machine. I prefer using bridal tulle to using stiff tulle. Bridal tulle is fine, soft, has a small mesh and has a fuller effect after gathered. Tulle is one of the most difficult fabrics to work with. With that being said, if you have the time and patience, even a novice and use it. I was going to write this tutorial about making one by machine, but recently I tried the no-sew technique and I prefer that. It's much easier to make. You can easily add in different colored tulle, ribbon, beads...etc, because of how it's constructed. This is so simple, a kid could do it.

I used this No Sew Tutu Video to make mine. Instead of ribbon, you can also make an elastic band. Then attach the tulle as instructed. Just make sure the elastic isn't too tight. The tulle will add a bit of bulk to the band. I used ribbon for mine, but I keep on having to adjust it through the night, so the elastic is definitely the better option. You can also add ribbon using the same method as the tulle. I might use this method for my daughter's Halloween costume, but with torn white cotton fabric. She wants to be a zombie.

Other Tutorials:
Like I mentioned before, there are different variations on how to make a tulle skirt

If you don't want to make them, MTCoffinz has a huge assortment of tulle skirts as well as other fantastic things. She even takes custom orders.


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