Ooky Spooky Creepy Crawly

Since Halloween is soon, lots of stores have creepy spiders. I found some large velvet ones and thought they would make perfect hair clips. The back of these have long black alligator clips. I certainly wouldn't want to find a real spider of this size crawling around my house, but for a fake spider, it's very nice.

I have made a few of them. They are for sale for $5 each. Should you want one, just comment below. I accept Paypal. Shipping is $5.

In the past, I have made other creatures into hair accessories. A dragonfly, snake, scorpion, spider, butterflies, bats and grasshoppers. If any of these interest you and I can make more, then feel free to ask about purchasing one or more. I'm not sure I could safely ship the butterflies, but the rest, I could easily ship.


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