Have I Introduced My Furry Assistant?

A month and a half ago, I adopted a furry assistant named Pippilotta "Pippi" Longtail. So far, she has terrorized me every time I try to do work. Here are some of her high lights of how her assistant position isn't working out. I might have to demote her to a cuddly kitty role, but since she is unpredictable, I think she might want to try to help some more.

"I see you doing something that isn't pay attention to me. I'm going to get you for that."

"Typing? You can't type with my butt on your computer. I'll bite you if you try."

"Tulle is made for sitting in and chewing on, not making things with it."

"You need these flowers for what? Hair accessories? Oh, no, they look dumb as human hair accessories. They make a better cat bed."

"You were taking photos on top of this? I thought this was a tent for me to crawl under. I was wrong? No, you misunderstood. I'm always right. Did you know this was meant for chewing on too? Want to try a string?"

I prefer my assistant help by staying out of the way. Sort of like this...

verses this. I didn't need a supervisor who nags me.


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