Hand Made Flowers

I've been making different hair flowers for over a year now, but I do want to expand to ones that are not using store bought flowers.

Recently, I bought this pattern:

I like the variety of options it shows. Most of these are ones that I wanted to know how to make. Some, I already knew.

Here are some other fabric flower tutorials that I liked:

Little Birdie Secrets always has great tutorials. She makes a lot of rosettes, so look through her tutorials for different ways to use them. These 1st two are my favorites by her.

Should you want to use these flowers for a bouquet, say for a wedding, here are a couple handy tutorials for that:

Adding Stems - My best friend and I used a similar technique to make stems for her wedding flowers. This one is better executed. I don't like using glue when making flowers. I prefer hand sewing mine. If you prefer sewing too, you can carefully hand sew the wire curl to the felt. You can sew the felt to the base of the flower using a blanket stitch. Make sure you use thread that matches the felt color. Make sure your felt matches your flower color so it will blend better.
Making Leaves - If you don't own a sewing machine, or don't feel comfortable sewing over wire with your machine, you can hand sew the wire using a satin stitch. Also, you might want to fold the tip of the wire over, so it doesn't slip free from your stitching.

This should give you plenty of ideas to play with. I tend to mix techniques once I've learned them. Crafting for me is playing with my existing knowledge to make something else wonderful. The best techniques are made by experimenting. Start with the basics, then change them to make them your own.


  1. Crafting is the only way out for playing with one's existing knowledge to make something look wonderful and extremely unique and beautiful. The pictures in your blog are lovely and i personally liked the "Origami Petal Flower". Thanks for sharing!


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