Female Pirate Costume

Tonight, we are having a Pirate theme at Fallout. I'm also hosting The Drawing Sessions: Pirates. Since it's a theme night that I really enjoy, I will of course need a costume. It will not be historically accurate, but a sexy fantasy type pirate. However, female pirates have existed. The most famous being Anne Bonny and Mary Read, but did you know there were other female pirates too? I sure as heck didn't, but it is useful knowledge should I ever want to have a historically accurate costume.

My pirate costume consists of:

I made mine using a no-sew tutu technique.

Mine is by Betsey Johnson and is a stretchy velvet.

I have this same style.

These are actually a better style than mine.

and of course, a Pirate Hat.
I have this exact hat.

Notice, there is no additional shirt for my costume. That is because wearing lot of layers in a packed club gets really hot, really fast. Of course, any of the pirate blouses pictured, would be a great addition to a pirate costume, like this

I will try to update this post with a photo of my outfit.


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