Betsey Johnson Spring/Summer 2011

If you don't know, Betsey Johnson is my favorite fashion designer and a huge influence for why I love fashion. I own a lot of vintage Betsey pieces and have noticed that her last few collections have been inspired by her punk collections from the 80s. My vintage pieces are mostly from that time period, so I'm loving the reproductions and restyling of old prints. Her Spring/Summer 2011 show happened recently. I suddenly want to ride a pink bicycle. Here are my favorite pieces of this collection.

I love how busy prints can look so clean and simple when made in black and white.
I love the tiered ruffles with the striped trim.
The lace tiered ruffles on the hips give a sexy feminine curve to the hips.
This rose print is a vintage Betsey print. I love the overly girly designs the print is used for.
I like the use of the floral flowy chiffon with the constricting corset. It's a soft and hard pairing that works well with the cheerful yellow.
I'm always a fan of a beautiful floral print on this style of dress. Mostly because both look good on me.
I like the use of the flowers with the stripes. It reminds me of a wallpaper. The bell shape of the skirt is very youthful. My daughter would look great in this...if it was scaled down for a 7 y/o.
To me, even though this dress has a lot of details, the use of the sheer black chiffon (which I would wear with a black long slip) simplifies it.
I love the striped sheer fabric in this long silhouette. The puffy cap sleeve is also a favorite for me. I have wide shoulders, and this style sleeve makes them look like it's just the sleeve that makes them appear large.
Lately, I've been looking for a long black lace dress. I hope with the creation of this one, I can find an affordable one to purchase.
A long sleek dress with a full bottom always reminds me of "Solo in the Spotlight Barbie" and I instantly want to wear it.
I like the neon abstract rose on this full skirt. I sort of want to make this.
This is sort of a colorful tie dye print. With the style of dress, it makes me think a d├ębutante went hippie artist.
I like the use of a classic 50s cut with the stenciled on graphics.

If you would like to see all of her collections from the last 11 years, go here.


  1. Gah! I adore Betsey Johnson! She is one of my fave designers as well and I always drool over her designs!

    Thanks so much for sharing...this pretty much made my day!

  2. She's just so creative and wonderful. I'm glad I could make your day. Did you watch the live show footage that I linked to? I watched it the other day, which spawned this post.

  3. Oooo....I love her designs! I bought one of her bags not to long ago. So funky!

  4. I love her too. I tend to buy a lot of her clothing from Ebay. It's mostly vintage and pieces from the 90s. For bags, I love going to TJ Maxx. They have some great bags of hers there. I have a leopard print, a heart print and a lighting bolt print bag by her, from there. They had pink leopard or zebra print luggage once.


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