Shoulder Jewelry

I'm making a few costumes for some up coming events, and I wanted to share something that I came across today. I may or may not make this in addition to the other costumes pieces I'm sewing, but it's still really pretty and unusual.

I was looking through the jewelry on Urban Outfitters and saw shoulder jewelry. There is jewelry for many parts of the human body, but I had yet to see some for the shoulder.

This is a mesh and chain piece. I provided close ups for my records, in case I want to construct something similar.

This is a rhinestone and chain piece. I bought a long rhinestone necklace yesterday, so I'm going to see if it will fit over both shoulders. I also bought a long chain, and I have more in stock. This one, I could easily make.

There are many other variations, but many have bulky things like fringe and feathers. Where as that might be pretty on some people, my shoulders are already wide enough, so I don't need to add bulk, or risk looking like I have fancy football pads on. I was pondering if instead of making one (in case you are not crafty, or just a I am sometimes), you could use a long layered chain necklace, put it on across your shoulder and slip you arm in between some of the drapes...well that might end up looking like a decorated arm pit...but that might depend on the length of the drapes. If you are ok with the bulk, then maybe some of those ornate bib necklaces might do. The above ones are shown on bare skin (well the 2nd is on lace, but bare enough), but you could wear them over clothing. Say you had a dress or top you wanted to jazz up, this would work. As with all fashion, play with it to see what works best for you.


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