Skull-A-Day 4.0 - Tutorial #9 - Hand Fan with Skulls

This is a really simple and quick project, which is a nice change. I think any one would be able to jazz up a basic fan with some simple skills and tools.

  • Basic Fan - I bought my fabric with wood frame fan from Dollar Tree. It had the existing flower and gold stars printed on it. You can buy blank ones elsewhere in a variety of sizes, colors and materials (paper, silk, cotton, lace) at various online suppliers
  • Fine Tip Black Paint Pen - This is what I used, but you can use any color of course
  • Gold Paint Pen - I have a double ended one that is gold and silver. I wanted to add gold details on the skulls and edge to compliment the gold details of the stars
  • Pencil - This is to lightly draw your design before painting. The black paint I used covered the lines easily. I was also able to erase any pencil mistakes
  • Wax Paper - General work surface coverage
  • Paper Towel - The metallic paint pens bleed, so this will soak up the extra paint, so your design doesn't smudge


1) Cover your work surface with wax paper. The paint will go through the fabric.

2) Open the fan fully. Use the pencil to lightly draw the design. In my case, I drew skulls with the help of my handy skull. I positioned my design based on the existing gold star spray design. I wanted the eyes to sparkle.

3) Using the black fine tip paint pen, I drew over the pencil design.

This is the fan with just the black design.

4) Cover the surface with a paper towel. With the gold paint pen, I added tear drop "petals" and dots to the eye areas of the skulls and sides. I added swirls and tear drops to the top edge. I folded the fan and added gold to the wooden edge and the fabric top edge.

  • Paint type - Depending on the kind of fan (fabric or paper) you have other paint paint, acrylic...
  • Add ons - Feathers, lace, beading. These are great things to add to the edge. I'm not sure how to add the feathers so that you can still easily close the fan, but I'm sure there are tutorials out there for it. Lace and beading can be added to the edge with a needle and thread.
  • Change the fabric - If you are artistically challenged, but know some basic sewing, you can add a different fabric on top of the existing one. Just keep in mind the thickness. The thinner, the better. You might be able to apply the fabric with glue, just keep in mind that you want it sturdy, but not gloppy and, you don't want it to show on the back.
  • Stencils - if you are not comfortable free-handing a design, there are many great stencils you can use to add some glamor to your fan. You will want to get acrylic paint and a stencil brush in addition to your stencils.
  • Stamps - Be it rubber or foam, both are great ways to add a design. This is also a much easier option than free-handing or stenciling and still a very effective way to create a pretty design. There are lots of different colors and types of inks, as well as embossing powders. If you want to use the embossing powders, keep in mind the placement, you might not want to use them where the fabric folds (this is better suited for a large fan, because there is more flat space between folds). Also, keep in mind the type of fabric. Synthetics will melt under the heat of the heat gun/embossing gun needed to make the powder melt and raise.
That is all for now. There are more tutorials to come...of course.


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