Skull-A-Day 4.0 - Tutorial #3 - Chalk Skulls

This is just a short tutorial this week for my Chalk Skull. This was the quickest of the skulls I've made and the easiest to make.

What you will need:
  • A bucket of colorful chalk - I got a bucket of 20 large sticks for $2 at Five Below, but you could use any kind in any colors that you like.
  • A clean, semi-smooth, non-porous surface (sidewalk, terracotta pots, non-glazed tile, stucco get the idea)
  • Your fingers
  • A non-wet day


There isn't much to instructions, because once you have your supplies, you just start drawing. You need your fingers both to hold the chalk for drawing and also to smudge the chalk. This can help with blending colors. In mine, I blended purple into the blue on the eye petals. I also blended the bow stripes into each other. I know in Alex's she blended the pink and red to make a darker pink. We both smudged the chalk to make to cover a larger area and appear softer.

To remove the chalk from the surface, you just need water. A good rain, spray with a water hose or brush and water bucket can get rid of it. Hence, it's all temporary art.

Below are two drawing that my daughter did. The 1st is her interpretation of my skull. I like how she put her own ideas into it too with the addition of hair, a rainbow (the curve at the top) and her own style skull. The 2nd is her version of the town houses we live in. I wish the flowers were that big, but then the bugs that were biting us might be that size too. That is all for now, happy crafting.


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