Skulls in crochet

When I do searches for art related things, I always come across great sites and pieces. Today, I'm researching patterns for a skull lace, crochet or knit that uses a grid pattern, or is a great design that I can use photoshop to make a grid from. I normally still alter the designs to my own needs, so it's never an exact copy of the other artist. I'm making a lacy panel to replace the machine made lace (which is pretty, but poor quality) on the back of a dress. You will see the finished product at a later date.

Here are the sites and pieces that I came across:

  • From the lovely Domiknitrix, there is a free skull knitting pattern. If you click on the PDF file to the right (the skull), you will see it's a large grid pattern. Now, this might be too big for my design needs, but it is a long panel and I am using crochet thread and a tiny hook to make know, so it's super delicate looking...and because I like a challenge...yeah. No, basically I'm using the crochet thread because yarn is too thick for the panel of a spring/summer dress, so I need to use something that would make the finished panel smoother and less bulky.
  • If happy cheerful crafters annoy you, you need The AntiCraft!. While I didn't find what I needed, I did already know of the magazine, and do find it very gothy and good. I might look back here for other project needs.
  • This Knit to Crochet pattern conversion guide is very handy for the project I'm discussing today as well as future crochet patterns. I should add that I don't know how to knit, I only know how to crochet, but am willing to learn how to knit too. Apparently, my dad knows how to knit and since I'm a month away from 30, I'm surprise he has yet to show me. Which reminds me, I need to give him the Ultimate Sweater Machine that my parents bought me for my b-day a few years ago, and I failed to be able to successfully use. He said he wanted it. My dad is now retired and has 3 cats for company during the day. I am humorously imagining him knitting with his
  • I also came across, Jennifer Perkins of Naughty Secretary Club. While I didn't find something that would fit this project, I am a fan of her resin jewelry work, which will lead to a resin jewelry project in the future. She is the host of "Craft Lab" and a co-host (there are several ladies that are all friends) of "Stylelicious". I have also seen her on "That's Clever"/"Crafters Coast to Coast".

  • Vickie Howell is a knitting queen and host of "Knitty Gritty", as well as a co-host of "Stylelicious". I did find a crochet skull pattern, but it was too simplistic for the lace skull project, however it might work for a future project.

So, this is what I found during my search. The 1st find seems to be the best match for the skull lace I'm making. I can always find a skull image and make a grid pattern out of it using the "Patchwork" effect in Photoshop. Finding a premade one is of course much easier.


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