Skull shopping

My birthday is coming up and I need art supplies (well I always need art supplies). I had picked out a skull and a skeleton from Dick Blick for drawing and crafting for the Skull-A-Day 4.0 project that I have been working on and will start blogging about on June, 3rd...and every Thursday after that. Instead of buying me the skull and skeleton, they gave me an e-gift card (instead of a physical card, it's an email with a code to use for the value of the "card") to order the stuff online. It's not a physical store (well at least there isn't one here), it's a catalog or online art materials supplier. I've loved this company since I was a kid and have bought all sorts of great stuff from them...and will for many years more. I bought the skull and skeleton below as well as a silver leaf kit, 25 lbs of white air dry clay and an encaustic wax book. The last 3 are sort of spoilers about pieces I'll be making...but, hey they are really neat mediums that I've wanted to work with for a really long time.

Starting June 3rd, I will also be including tutorials on here, linked with the Skull-A-Day post, for the projects I've made. A lot of pieces aren't hard techniques, they just take a lot of time and patience...which I have a lot of...well enough of.


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