Roman Leaves

I made some silver leaf hair accessories reminiscent of Roman hair accessories. I played around with some green fake leaves and two different silver paints. I'm trying to make them as silver as possible. I painted the leaves last night. Using the painted leaves, silver ribbon and silver alligator clips, I made them into hair accessories this morning.

There are the 3 different paint techniques that I used to make the green leaves.

First, I used Silver Acrylic paint on 6 leaves (3 for each clip, 2 sides of my head). It left the leaves more glittery than consistently silver.

Next, I used a silver paint pen on 7 more leaves (there was a weird duplicate leaf combo that I ....yay extra leaves). It made them a sort of silver-white color. It's more a matte color and missing the silver gleam that I want.

This one is a little darker and shinier than the above one. Using that extra 7th leaf, I painted the silver acrylic paint on top of the silver paint pen. The shiny spots are wet paint. This sealed the silver paint well, even though it showed a bit of the green again, it still stayed fairly bright.

Final product. These are hand sewn together. You might be able to see some of the stitches at the top. I used white thread and then used the silver paint pen to hide it better. I also drew veins with the silver paint pen. Should I do this project again, I think it would be better to use the silver (or clear) acrylic paint 1st to seal the pours in the fabric. Then, use the silver paint pen with another coat of silver acrylic to seal it. That should end with a better silver intensity.


I took the photos at night, the next morning, the silver looked more intense. I wore one around (I had only finished 1) while adventuring with my hubby and daughter. I finished the 2nd one when we got back. I ended up not going out for Toga night (mostly because I was so tired from a long day of furniture shopping), but I will still get some use out of the barrettes because they are not very costumey...well in my opinion.


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