Tonight is the debut of "The Drawing Sessions", which is a live model drawing session at Fallout. Tonight theme is "Pin-Up", so I'm wearing an theme appropriate outfit for hosting "The Drawing Session" as well as enjoying the evening after the session is over. I plan on wearing the dress and vertical stripe stocking from this post.

It's been chilly, rainy and cloudy here lately (well until this morning which is now sunny), so I decided I needed a coat to keep me warm. I have this long sweater coat of sorts by Guess (I paid $10 for it), but it's not the bulky kind that makes you look frumpy (I do have those too, sorry I could resist the comfort). It's a crochet mesh, so it's much know because it's see through. The jacket was nice how it was, but I wanted to make it sexier by adding a black feather boa trim. I bought two 6' black feather boas from Michaels. They were about $9 each. I have a dress form. I hung the coat on the dress form, so sewing the boas on would be as accurate as possible. I started at the on the back on middle of the neck. I used a blanket stitch with black cotton thread to attach the boas around the opening and bottom of the coat. This took me a couple hours to get them attached nicely. Should I want to, I can easily cut the threads to remove the boas and not damage the coat, but as I have not worn the coat in years, I suspect the boas will be there for a while.

This is the coat with 1 boa partially attached. This way you can see the difference between the coat with and without the boas.

This is a close up of the neck area with 1 boa attached.

This is the finished coat...Front


Update 8-31-2012 : I forgot about these photos until I saw this post again, so I'm updating the post.

I think Jennie Araujo Wood of Pink Photography too these. These are of Nikki Mayo, Kit McSmash (my best friend), and I in a pinup photography area set up in the back room of Fallout. They are very dark, but you can see the coat a bit, a hint of the dress under it, and the line of my thigh high stocking. I choose the fishnet stockings instead of the vertical ones. I don't recall why. However, I've worn the vertical ones recently, and they are crap quality. They are too thin, and they snag very easily, which equals many runs and tears.


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