Rome Revisited

Ancient Rome is one of my favorite historical periods. Tomorrow, I am going to a Toga theme night at Fallout. Last summer, they held a similar night for which I researched a Roman costume for. I'll probably wear the same black dress as last year, which has become a comfortable staple in my wardrobe. I'm wearing a similar one in grey now. It's more Roman inspired than costume or toga...women didn't wear togas. I'll wear the same silver sandals and maybe either the layered leaf necklace or the snake one.

As you already know, I've been making a lot of hair flowers lately. I have a lot of separated leaves and flower petals still. I've been messing with making something pretty out of the petals with the leaves as well, sort of plain. Now, the Romans were famous for (among many things) wearing green, silver or gold leaves in their hair. My plan is to paint several leaves silver, stitch them together in a nice lay out and sew them to a silver alligator. I plan on making a matching for each side of my hair. I will probably make two braids to the back of my hair (in some fashion which will be determined tomorrow when I attempt to braid two sections of my hair) and clip the leaf clips into the front of the braids. When I figure out the best configuration of sewing the leaves together and to an alligator clip (I'm thinking silver ribbon might be involved in making this smooth and nice...which being the crafty lady I am, I already have), I will post instructions with a picture of the final clips, my hair and my know, for the full effect.

To give you an idea of what I am talking about, here are some pretty examples from other artist...

Ok back to crafting. These examples above are probably fancier than the final product that I will have, but they are very beautiful and would work to achieve the same Roman leaf hair adornment look


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