Large Flowers

I made these three flowers today using a few different techniques. Forgive my hair in the last 2 pictures, as you can see in the 1st picture, I had it in a pony tail and wore it like this for most of the day, hence the ripple in my hair. I wore the 1st one out to lunch with my hubby and the waitress liked it. Where as the hostess loved my butterfly tattoo.

Purple Spider Gerber Daisy with Skull Button

Burgundy English Rose with wired leaf stems. If wanted, the stems can be repositioned into a different arrangement of leaves.

Murano Blue Duchess Rose and wired leaf stems. I loved this flower because of the imperfections in the color and that it looks hand painted.

That is all for now. I'm working on more flowers to come, but I keep on getting distracted by other beautiful flowers, when buying other craft supplies. They call my name and want to be made to put in my hair...or something like that.


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