Jewelry Making

There has been a mild amount of actually crafting lately. I know, that seems odd. However, I've been planning many projects for a blog that I will be working on with 3 other lovely gentleman (more on that later...I promise ; D), so my time has been taken up by that...mostly.

Let's see, stuff I made... I made two birdy necklaces and matching earrings for two of my lady friends. I forgot to take pictures...I know. I suck. I did make a birdy necklace for myself, but each necklace is different and I only have a photo of mine. I found the individual pieces...bird, twig with cherry blossoms and leaf (these are the pieces for mine, again the others had the same bird and leaves, but different supporting pieces) separately and connected them with jump rings, 2 sizes of chain (larger one for extender chain) and a lobster clasp...and voila, a necklace is born...or something like that. I bought all the pieces at Michael's crafts.

I also made a lady skeleton cameo necklace and matching earrings . This one was sort of the same process...found pieces separately and then added chain (which was part of a layered chain necklace and no longer is), jump rings and closures to finish them. This one however, required some E6000 to attach the cameos to their metal mountings. Not hard. I bought the cameos and mountings on Etsy. The chain was from a necklace I bought with a shirt from Walmart. The lobster clasp was from Michael's. I found a skeleton cameo necklace, but wanted matching earrings, so instead of buying the necklace, I decided I could make my own. I bought a few 18x13mm cameos for earrings and 40x30mm cameo for a necklace. I also bought matching mountings in 18x13 and 40x30 settings for the cameos to be glued to. The mountings have arrived, but I'm still waiting on the cameos. For the cost of the finished necklace, I'm able to make a pendant and a two sets of earrings.

skeleton cabachon

Pendant mounting. It has pin and pendant backings.
mounting 1

Earring mounting
mounting 2

Finished necklace.

Finished earrings

This is a cameo that I bought from Michael's from Blue Moon Beads. It had darker chain and a tear drop pearl at the bottom, I changed that for this design. I wanted to make something that was more intricate than the modern jewelry that I normally do. Not that modern can't be complicated, but I normally don't make things that take hours to complete. This one was challenging. The 1st design was scraped because it was literally giving me a headache, so I took out the extra beads and connections in favor of just chain. Though still challenging, it was much easier in comparison to make. The finished necklace is great. I have more cameos in need of necklaces to make, so expect more designs of various kinds.


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