Flowers of black and bright

I've been on this "must make hair flowers" tangent, but I have learned some new techniques as well as accumulated over 12 flowers for my hair. Hey, work hard, look pretty. These are some that I made in the last few days.

Black Lotus with silver skull and bones design.
I used black acrylic paint to make the white petals and green pad leaf black. I used a silver paint pen (very stinky, but pretty) to draw the design as well as paint the button (well, for the button, I made a pool of the paint on wax paper and used a fine pant brush to paint the button). It is hand sewn together and has a black alligator clip on the back. My mom actually really liked this one, which as a nice surprise as she doesn't always like my work.

The tops of the petals are skull print and the bottoms are bone. This angle shows it better.

Black Dahlia (If you get the reference, then you get creepy points...which is good)
I used black acrylic paint to turn the dark red Dahlia, black). It is hand sewn together with a black alligator clip on the back.

Red Poppy
I made this flower this morning. This was one of the easier flowers because poppies only have 4 petals and this fake flower, like most, had two petals per layer. I've loved Poppies ever since I saw (then, read) "The Wizard of OZ". I was sort of sleepy still while making it, so I guess it's an appropriate flower to make at the time. This is hand sewn together with a black alligator clip on the back.

We'll call this "The 80's Flower"
I made this at C-MoR (Children's Museum of Richmond) on Saturday while my daughter was making something. I let her get her supplies. Then, I cruised the supplies and found all this sheer brightly colored and leopard fabric. I couldn't resist making a flower from it. I layered some pieces of fabric together, accordian folded it, secured it with a small pipe cleaner and then fluffed the pieces on the sides to make the flower full. I made a total of 3 flowers using this easy technique and twisted the pipe cleaner ends together. I thought it needed some leaves too (which you can't see in this photo), so I folded some light green fabric into two triangles, laid them on the twisted pipe cleaners and secured them with another small pipe cleaner. I put the end of the flower stem (all those twisted pipe cleaners) into a button hole of my cardigan and wore it around. I think I am helping the 80's look by wearing this zebra print dress (which is ankle length). I love making these random things.


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