Butterflies aloft in my hair

I bought a set of 12 butterflies in orange, blue, red, green, pink and yellow-orange (2 of each color) at Michael's. They come with a long wire attached to the bottom of the bottom (they are meant to be used for floral arrangements, so the wire makes arranging easier). Since I planned on gluing the body to the alligator clip, I used wire cutter (the little ones I use for jewelry making) to cut off the wire. The black alligator clips I have are a long triangle which is slightly longer than the butterfly's body, but the correct width and taper. Then, I used a small amount of E6000 industrial glue (also available at Michael's or hardware stores) to glue the bottom of the body to the clip. I lined up the widest part of the clip to the head of the body just below the antennas so it was hidden better. The glue sets up with in a few hours, but I recommend letting it set at least overnight before wearing it. I wore the green one today. I got a few compliments, but just from men which I found odd since I think of butterflies as girly. Maybe they are more manly because it's technically a bug and not a lot of women would wear a bug in their hair. Eh, I like it. Course this is coming from the lady who willingly touched the dead frog in science class. Hey, it was "clean" with the formaldehyde...yeah.


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