New art piece

I've made a few pieces that are skull inspired. The last one I made used a side view of an anatomically correct skull. This time, I wanted to try something different, so I decided upon a elongated skull similar to those found in many cultures like the Nazca, Peru. Since I was a kid, I've been fascinated with weird cultural things, elongated skulls are just one of many. I really love crystal skulls more, but the closest art I have to that is some clear glass skull shaped candle holders which now sit on my mantle sans candles...oh and I bought a black one too. Yay Halloween clearance at Target.

With this piece, as with some others I'm still researching, I wanted to use flowers that were native to the area. This piece features marigolds, cantua buxifolia (Flower of the Incas/Magic Flower) and alstroemeria (Peruvian Lily/Lily of the Incas). I colored the piece using crayons. I know that seems odd, but with the texture of the canvas, I was interested to see how the crayon would work on the canvas. This was because later I want to learn how to do encaustic wax. I will eventually play with heat and colored wax (like crayons) for skull pieces.




  1. It's a beautiful image but has expired from photobucket. I found it on
    You should re-upload, you have a lot of talant!

    1. I'm over the bandwidth on Photobucket, so there are probably hundreds of expired images. I'm thankful that I started uploading my images to Blogger, many years ago, so I don't have these issues. One day, I'll go through all the posts and fix the issues, but I can't see which images go wear, because I get the same message everyone else does.


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