Two Days Off with Alex

Alex reminded me this evening that she had the next 2 days off of school. So, we plan on doing all sorts of fun activities. Plan for Monday is to play lots of games (video and board) as well as making sugar skull cookies. Now I've wanted to make these cookies for about a month now, but have been procrastination on buying all the supplies....minus the dough, which I bought a few weeks ago. The general plan is hand form the skull shapes with round slices and triangles cut from the Pillsbury dough roll. After baking and cooling of the cookies, I will ice them with white icing and then decorate them with colored icing using icing tips to make the designs pretty. I'm supposed to make some for my husband's work and of course for us as well. I will need more dough. Should I feel the need to cheat with sprinkles, I might hit up Ben Franklin, Michael's or Walmart stores for Halloween baking supplies, but most likely it will be rainy tomorrow and the next, so it will be a lazy warm day inside.

We also have some blank and unfinished canvas that will be in need of decorating, so there needs to be some art making. I will take pictures of all art of course and update it here.

Today we went to lunch with some friends. We went to a local Mexican place for lunch and then a local Hispanic bakery for dessert. There was much fun had. This was the 1st time that I actually finished my lunch with not enough for left overs. I got pan de muertos and two sugary stick things (1 with caramel and 1 with cream) that I forgot the name of. I have yet to try the pan de muertos, but with my recent research of Dia de los Muertos, I recognized it as soon as we saw it. I should probably take a picture of it too before I eat it tomorrow.


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