Wood Purses

About this time every year, I get to thinking about cool Christmas presents I could make for the ladies in my family. I've loved hard purses for many years. A few years ago, I bought supplies to make some pretty wood purses, but have yet to really do anything with those supplies. I am forever the distracted crafter. I may or may not end up designing some this year, but hey at least I can research the art and find some inspiration.

I love the cube construction of this box mixed with the organic tree design. The addition of the bar handle gives the whole purse a very zen quality.

The long oval shape is a unique approach to a wooden box purse. Though the design is not wood burned, but decopaged, it is beautiful with a vintage water color floral appeal.

The desciption for the technique used to create the Mandala on this box says it was done with Henna, which makes sense with the design. I have never seen henna used on anything but skin, so it's very fascinating that this design was created with that medium. I also see possibility that is someone was to recreate a look similar to this, that this design leads it self to be created with a wood burning tool.

I love the whimsical floral and insect design using negative space and details. The dark burning makes the intricacy of the design stand out beautifully.


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