Anatomical Skull, Dia de los Muertos Mask and Pumpkin Carving

I had 1 last blank canvas sitting around and decided to try to make a more anatomical skull. All the other skulls I drew were front views, therefor a side view would be different. I wanted to make something still complicated looking, yet with a delicate beauty. I think I succeeded here.

I made a fall wreath for my front porch with purple, red and orange flowers. After I hung it, I wrapped black leaf garland around the outside of it. Since it's October and Halloween is soon, I put small black spiders among the flowers. It looked beautiful, but it needed something I made a mask for it. I already had a blank brown skull mask that I had purchased at a local craft store. Oddly it fit my daughter, which was cool, but creepy. I tried to paint a crackle technique on it, but failed at that, therefor I was left with a plain white base. While I was getting my supplies together to paint a design on it, my daughter decided it needed some eyeballs. She wedged these eyeball bouncy balls into the eye sockets. I took a picture of her goofiness and then took them out to paint.

I painted a flower and vine design on it.

It's now sitting on the inside of my porch wreath.

Since I've been very inspired by Sugar Skulls and Dia de los Muertos art, I decided my pumpkin needed to express my art inspiration as well. I used a combination of wood carving tools and a pumpkin carving saw to make this design.

The Front is a sugar skull.

The back has a a flower with vines that wrap around the sides.

Though the porch was looking great, I decided it needed something on the window. I used a chalk paint marker to draw a giant spider web and put a black sticky spider on it.

This is the finished porch with all it's Halloween and fall decorations.

This is the other side with funkins and a large metal spider. The two carved funkins were carved with a handy dremmel. Warning, if you also want to carve a funkin with a dremmel, I suggest wearing a mask. I didn't and had funkin dust in my lungs for days.

Only 5 days left till Halloween, are you ready?


  1. Love the Dia De Los Muertos inspired pumpkin carving. I may just have to steal that idea for the altar I'm building in the graveyard this year!

  2. feel free too. I had fun doing it. It took 3 hours to carve the whole design, but of course speed of creation all depends on the person's skill level and patience.


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