COSTUME: Demon Nurse for "Plastic Surgery Gone Wrong" at Fallout

As you know, I'm a big fan of costumes. I'm not just talking about Halloween costumes...which I have yet to start on...I wear them on a regular bases to a local night club. This Saturday is "Plastic Surgery Gone Wrong" and whereas I could go as some freak medical patient, I'm more likely to want to go as a crazed know the kind that helps with those botched operations. I have an existing cutesy red and white nurse costume that I've worn for various medical themed nights, but I want to go a bit darker for this one. So, I've had to redo the entire costume.

I purchased a child's black medical kit from Kroger (yep a grocery store which was a random place to find one) which has small tools which I may or may not bring as that case will also be serving as my purse for the evening. I have an existing giant syringe that is really for dispensing sugars (or "shots"...) and a real Stethoscope that is mainly for looks as it doesn't work very well in a loud club. I will be wearing a red or black garter belt, black fishnet thigh highs and these shiny hot pants that I bought a few weeks ago in Atlanta, GA. I'll most likely be wearing my black PVC buckle boots or black PVC platform maryjanes. That pretty much covers the accessories.

As for the clothing portion. I will be making a new short black 50's apron with a bloody bone cross on it the bust part of the apron. Under the apron, I will be wearing a short black PVC mini skirt that I made months ago and a red, white and black corset that I recently purchased from Hong Kong.

My eye make up will be dark smokey/smudged eyeshadow with black eyeliner and mascara. For my lipstick, I will be using both black and red. The black goes around the outside half of my lips and the red in the middle. They blend slightly at the edge so the red is still strong in the center. This lipstick technique is one that I picked up in a Japanese Gothic beauty magazine many years ago. The rest of my face will be powdered with loose powder that matches my pale skin tone. It will just even out any slight imperfections and clean up any loose eyeshadow. I will also be wearing some demon horns (the twisted rubber kind that you can purchase at any good Halloween store) that I will secure with Spirit Gum. My hair will be fairly straight and normal. I don't want to over do my head. I'm not a hat person (trust me, they look awful), so I will not have a nurse cap.

This is a photo of me from behind.

Here is a list of where to get some of the things that I'm using for my costume. They links are not all going to be where I personally purchased some items, but it will give you an idea of where to you can get them. I made my mini skirt and apron, but since not everyone can sew like me, I will give you links on where to buy similar ones premade.

Corset - Rouge Roses

Skirt - A fancier Lip Service version

Apron - This is similar to the one I plan on making. The pattern I used is no longer being produced and I am unable to find it elsewhere to show you.

Thigh Highs - The ones I have are from Vassarette, but you can use any brand. I purchase the Vassarette thigh highs from Walmart.

Garter Belt - You normally can purchase a garter from any lingerie shop or department store. I've bought them in various places. I suggest something with a metal piece vs plastic because they tend to stay attached to the rubber piece better. Vassarette does sell a garter belt and skirt which are nice quality fabric, but the closure doesn't stay closed very well.

Shiny Hot Pant - These are similar to what I have

Heels - These are different than what I have, but really any black heel will add sex appeal to the outfit

Boots - Mine have a thicker heel, but mine are from Pleaser USA

Horns - These clip into your hair

Child's Medical Kit - You can get a kit at most toy stores

Syringe - I don't know how many CCs mine is, but it's a rather large one with no needle

Stethoscope - I have one similar to this one. Just your basic stethoscope.


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