Post-Apocalyptic Chic

Though this might not be considered every day wear when we are not on post-apocalyptic times, but I find that the pieces can add interest to daily outfit and create a more unique look. This post is more about inspiration and where to buy (I know if this was really the post apocalypse then you would be making it or making due with what you have, but I digress, we are not currently in a post apocalyptic time) pieces than how to wear it. Some pieces could also be used in Steampunk influenced wardrobes. These are also more polished examples because I prefer to buy more polished pieces so I can incorporate them into my existing wardrobe. I also love Victorian inspired pieces, so this will weigh heavy on the Victorian influenced side.

These are from Skin Graft Designs.

Shop online at Hunters and Gatherers .

Winter '08 -Edison

Found Fables Collection

Women's Collection '09

These are from Plastik Wrap and fall more into the cyber side of this style.

HistoriTEK Collection


Now that you are dressed, lets put your feet into something great. There are lots of shoes that work for this look. We are going to look at some boots and some caged heels.



Cage Heels


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