So I mentioned my shoe addiction...

This blog will most likely be a combo of:

Fashion - shoes, costumes, including stuff I've made...

Crafts - jewelry, clothing, crocheted things (scarfs, purses and accessories)

Artwork - so far I only have 2 really nice pieces...I should put those up today...

Food - successful or non successful adventures in cooking and eating out (we do that A LOT)

Mommyhood and Wifedom - yep, I'm a mom to a 6 y/o girl and I'm married to her daddy, isn't that exciting...ok, well sometimes it is.

Anyway, lets get to some content...

I shop online like most good little fashionistas (I say fashionista while I wear a t-shirt that says, "KISS ME I'M IRISH" and old black sweatpants from my skinnier days/pre-kid. I don't go out of the house in this), Ebay and Etsy are some wonderful places for goods that I could never find in Richmond, VA. If you think I could, you are wrong. This might be a city, but it's lacking in my style of fashion. I love vintage, vintage reproductions and vintage inspired pieces. Give me something old and you might have an instant long as I think it's pretty. So, today I was watching a Lifetime movie called "Killer Hair". It's based on a book, the character's are in D.C. (District of know where the president lives with all those people with no voting rights), and they are very stylish women. The main character only wears vintage clothing. She had on these beautiful red high heeled shoes with a big bow at the ankle. Reminded me of something Sugar Shoes carried a few seasons ago as well as some lovely 40's style dancing hall shoes I've seen. Of course, this spawned an Ebay search...which made me reminisce about college and those Victorian inspired shoes that I drew for a vintage modern assignment that got me an "A".

Since the auction is set to end fairly soon, I felt the need to look at the seller's Ebay store, Make Me Chic, to see if there was another pair listed to end later. There wasn't, but the store is filled with pretty shoe treats. I didn't check out the clothing, I do love me some clothing, but I'm in a shoe mood today. Lately, I've been really into the caged shoes. You know the ones with all the straps and cut outs that make you feel like your preforming some type of foot bondage to your feet. Yet, they are comfortable because they do have enough straps to contain your foot and in most cases, prevent sliding which we all know can cause blister.

Here are some of my favorite finds:

I would suggest more, but I need to get ready for a date with my husband John and daughter Alex. It's Friendly's for dinner and watching the new Harry Potter movie afterwards. I've read all the books, so I think that justifies watching all the movies.



I was unable to find shoes that looked exactly like the ones in the movie, but I did find these and they are rather pretty.


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