There is a local club that I go to on a regular basis. They have costume theme nights every weekend. Kind of like Halloween more often than once a year. It's a fetish club, but the nights vary because your kink may not be the same as someone else's, so we like to have a variety. Plus, it opens you up to new things and to learn more about the other patrons. I think I have made more and better friends easier there than in any other social setting. The costume and fashion exposure has been a great experience and experiment. Starting off in my fetish club experience, I already had a huge collection of clothing including a few costumes. A year and a half later, I have have expanded my wardrobe to include more costumes with pieces I can reuse for other costumes. I also have tailored my Gothic style to be more pin-up and vintage inspired than stereotypical goth. I don't recommend feeding into any stereotypes, because every culture is more diverse than your initial perception.

Getting to the point...

Tonight, is a Lolita theme. I'm 29, so I've long ago passed the age in which I could pass for barely legal. Heck, the only place I get carded anymore is when I buy liquor and beer from a shop. It does help that my 6 year old daughter is normally with me and my husband when we go to restaurants. I rarely drink around her, but it's nice to think that I look old enough to have not had my kid at 16. This post has nothing to do with teenage moms, I'm just saying, I don't look 20. Since I don't look barely legal or like jail bait, my costume will be less Vladimir Nobokov's "Lolita" and more Elegant Gothic Lolita. I could go into the history, but I would have to google it and heck, you could do that too. I will tell you that I learned the most about it through this Live Journal community call EGL. Check it out for fashion inspiration or if you are looking for a different culture to learn more about.

Tonight I will be wearing some knee high frilly socks (bow and ruffle), black tiered lace short skirt, black and grey striped skirt with ruffles down the front placket, and platform mary janes of some sort (I have a few from my younger clubbing days). I might make some type of hair accessory. Either adding a smallish bow to a thin headband or a big bow made from wired ribbon (you know the kind commonly used for wreaths) attached to a barrette base. I'm thinking the second one will be the most comfortable to wear.

I will try to remember to take a picture before I leave and update this post with it.



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