COSTUME: Doctor Facilier

For this costume, I chose the villain Doctor Facilier from Disney's "The Princess and the Frog". This character has roots in voodoo and New Orleans culture. He wears burgundy pants and tail coat, with a purple vest and red cumberbund. I wanted to update the style and make it more feminine for a crossover costume. A purple vest is a hard find, but a purple tank works well. While I chose a skirt for this look, you could wear burgundy pants instead...should you be able to locate those rare pants. This burgundy or "Marsala" color is Pantone's color of the year, and in high demand this Fall and Winter, as it falls into that spectrum of seasonal colors. I chose a draped cardigan instead of a jacket, as those will be easier to find this season and more practical. If you can't find or don't want a wide red belt, use a piece of red fabric wrapped and tied instead. He wears black shoes and white spats. Instead of those, I chose oxford heels. A flat or boot version would look good too. I decorated a top hat to match his. I recommend doing this with a cheap costume top hat. You'll need red ribbon, a purple feather, and a skull with crossed bones, which can be paper. Lastly, you need a skull mask. I used this lace one, as it was the best I could locate. Pop up costume shops should have half skull masks. Optionally, are some props...a cane, voodoo doll and skull pendant. Also, tarot cards, which I didn't add. This is if you want to really get into character, but I prefer costumes where I don't have to carry anything around, personally. For jewelry, I chose a gold spike necklace, to resemble his necklace, and gold skull earrings. For makeup, a smokey eye would look mysterious under the mask, paired with oxblood lips. This is a classic makeup look. You don't want anything too crazy, when you're wearing a mask. More dramatic looks might be more noticeably smudged when the mask is removed. Whatever you chose to become this Halloween, have fun with it!

Doctor Facilier


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