NYC FASHION WEEK F/W 2015: Delpozo

Delpozo's Fall Winter 2015 collection is full of experimental color blocking, shapes, and appliques. The fabric has a sculptural heaviness, though most of the lengths are short. The play with color and form is intriguing. Unlike many collections, these garments are are a mix of tailored and boxy cuts, giving way to more body shapes. The focus is more on the artistic clothing than following the body shape. Considering how many body conscious collections seen from other designers, these are refreshing. I view pricey designer clothing as artistic investments. I don't want to pay a lot for basics, or something I could easily find at a mass produced trendy shop. Pieces like Delpozo's are ones that can span seasons and generations, because their artistic merit holds up against conventional designers, who aim to please the populace and their pockets. These hold true to an artistic vision, not just what will have high turnover and become forgettable in an instant. If you want to buy designer fashions, choose something memorable and beautiful.

Delpozo F/W 2015


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