LIFE: The Empowerment of Sexiness

As Halloween quickly approaches, I see many irate articles about sexy Halloween costumes and how there aren't any other options in stores. Here's the thing for me, sexy Halloween costumes don't offend me. They are giving women an option (and it is optional) to wear something overly sexy during a holiday where that is openly accepted. The rest of year, most people don't get the option to open up and be a character. To step out of their normal life and play dress up. Perhaps I should put it into the perspective of role playing and fetishes. Many people engage in that, though more often behind closed doors than in public. However, the exhibitionist don't care who is watching, and I'm fine with that in select circumstances. Halloween gives everyone the opportunity to shed their normal life for something completely different.

As you all know, I play a character in a futuristic space punk band, where I dress up in sexy costumes. Though this is in my character description from before I even joined the band, it's a style of clothing that I openly wore out dancing with friends. It's something our band leader, Noah, already knew about me. For me slipping on the PVC, corsets, and other costume elements is very empowering. I call it a transformation. I go from being an stay at home mom and artist to a sexy space babe. My daughter sees me in these costumes, much like I saw my parents in many of their costumes as I grew up. If you prefer to be more modest during a holiday where you don't have to be, then do that. However, please refrain from putting down the women who choose to don the sexier costumes and let their inner seductress out once and a while.

Through my life, I have worn a wide range of costumes. The most covered one was Catwoman, as we all know she is a seductive character. The least covered one has been burlesque inspired...which was just lingerie. To wear that in public, was a huge thing for me. To get over the hurdle of embracing my body and sexuality fully, was hard. I had to get out the mindset of "this is what moms look like" and realize that I'm an adult and wearing something sexier for a night out with friends, isn't going to hurt anyone's perception of me. My husband love me no matter what I wear. From my daily lounge clothes/pjs to dressing up nicer for work or family adventures, to sexier for band performances or dancing with friends. All of that is me. There is nothing wrong with showing off more skin. You aren't a lesser person for it. There is definitely a time and place for sexier outfits. I'm not going to show up at my daughter's school in what I wear as a character. However, I am open about what I wear for band performances when discussing our band with other parents. The response you wonder...nothing but good things. They think it's awesome. I do what makes me happy and that's all that matters.

Sexy Halloween Costumes


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