OUTFIT: Happy July 4th!

Where ever you are in the USA, I hope you have a wonderful Independence Day. If you're American, you likely know what Independence Day is celebrating. If you aren't American, and unfamiliar, it's the anniversary of when we declared our independence from England, with the signing of the "Declaration of Independence". We celebrate it with fireworks (a Chinese invention). I live in Virginia where fireworks are illegal to own unless you have a professional license to use them. Those are the people hired to do wonderful firework shows. The reason the are illegal I think is just a safety thing. Still, the ERs will full of people with firework related injuries, because they set them off themselves. Fireworks can be purchased in neighboring states. With all that being said, my parents and grandmother used to buy small ones for us, so we could have our own little celebrations. This also included a birthday celebration for me...in June. Hoping the weather is clear enough tonight, so my husband and I can see them somewhere. It's our 13th couple anniversary.

Happy July 4th!


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