GIVEAWAY: Nail Polish Canada's The Great Polish Giveaway

I love nail polish. I have a ridiculous amount of it. As a crafter, I don't keep my fingernails painted, as it will chip off quickly. Instead, I keep my toenails painted. My favorite polishes are glittery, because I always need a little sparkle in my life. I came across this huge giveaway from Nail Polish Canada. They are encouraging bloggers to join in, by letting us choose a polish to include in the giveaway haul. I choose a glittery one, Muse by Zoya. It's similar to the color I'm currently wearing. Reminds me of tropical water and mermaids.

The current prize haul is at 135 shades of nail polish. It has the ability of going up to 200!!! That's a lot of nail polish!!! The contest ends on August 27 days. You can enter daily, using the rafflecopter. For more entries, search for "Nail Polish Canada's The Great Polish Giveaway" to see the contest posts from other participating bloggers! If you are a fashion and/or beauty blogger and would like to participate in promoting the contest, go here and nominate a nail polish.

a Rafflecopter giveaway


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