OUTFIT: Classy Cocoon

I love to dress up, but I need to be comfortable and warm. With this being the season for many parties and fesitivities, it's important to look nice, but be able to easily move about. Any of these items can be dressed up or down, but this combination makes them classy yet comfortable. The jacket is a light weight printed cocoon jacket. This dark floral print is a classic. The jacket can be belted for a fitted look, or left loose like this for a draped effect. I chose a maxi skirt and tank. You could wear a maxi dress, a light weight sweater and pencil skirt, or a black blouse and dress pants. Whatever you chose, keep them basic black and straight. That way the print and drape of the jacket stands out well. I chose flats, which are great if you need to be on your feet for hours. If you will be sitting down for the event, go with a pair of comfortable heels. The jewelry is to show you a variety of options. You can go for all the options, to less or none. That's up to your comfort. Bracelets and rings can clank a lot for a dinner and become uncomfortable. If the necklace is to heavy for you, try a light pendant. Same with the earrings. If the studs are too simple, go for statement earrings. I didn't include any hair accessories, but those could work too...just consider it another type of jewelry. Whatever you chose to wear, keep it comfortable, classy, and true to your personal style.

Classy Cocoon


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