SOCKS AND STOCKINGS: Black and White Sock Dreams

Yesterday, I shared my favorite rainbow socks from Sock Dreams. You all know that overall, I'm not a very colorful person. While poking around Sock Dreams, I noticed that they had a nice variety of black and white stockings and socks. I'm especially fond of the typography ones. The use of an eye chart is very creative. Also, if you noticed, the photos are your average ones for socks and stockings. The models are members of the Sock Dreams staff. There might be some friends and family thrown in. The reasoning for it, is so you can see what they look like on all shapes and sizes of women. There are also nice reviews of each item, after the product is tested and worn by a staff member or members. This way, you know what to expect from the product and what size or shape of legs they are most suitable for...some work better on bigger than smaller, shorter than taller, and vice versa. It's nicer than buying something at another shop online that doesn't personally try out the products, and the item not being what you wanted. To see the listings for any of the items in the collage, click the individual images below it.

Black and White Sock Dreams


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