SWEATERS: Light Weight

Another chilly morning here. Sweater weather is definitely here...hopefully to stay. I'm ready for Fall, but Fall isn't always ready to show up here. Normally sometime in September or October it decides to grace us with it's presence. It's nice to have it show up early, but what does that say about the Winter to come...well the chance of me crocheting something new is high. Also, snow, and probably a lot of it. Since we aren't in the throes of Winter yet, here is a collection of light weight sweaters. They are great for transitional weather, from Summer to Fall and Winter to Spring. Since I love layering clothing, I have a few light weight sweaters in my wardrobe. I have slightly heavier ones for cold weather, but only chunky cardigans. I prefer wearing several thin layers, so if I do get overheated and need to remove the sweater, I'm not going from overheated to freezing with one layer removal. Like with the cardigans, I chose neutrals and threw in some stripes. Again, if you have particular colors that you will get a lot of use out of, go with that. I suppose staying with neutrals seems gloomy in Fall and Winter, but I'm not stuck on neutrals. I do have some heavier sweaters in raspberry, teal, and chartreuse. With the start of Fall in a month, you should be seeing light weight sweaters available in shops.

Light Weight Sweaters


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