PATTERNS: Mad for Plaid

The coming Autumn and the start of a new school year, always makes me think of plaid. Plaid also makes me think of grunge, lumberjacks, and punk...which could all be back so school looks. I looked like a combo of grunge and a lumberjack during high school in the 90s. I digress, these looks below are classier than any plaid item I wore back then...and when I was fond of the school girl/punk look, shortly after that. A good plaid item has lines that match up when they should. Even flouncy skirts should have matching lines where the seams of the flounce meet. When it doesn't match, the garment will look cheaply made. That being said, items that have matching stripes, don't have to be expensive to be well made. The selection below has a large price range. Though I still love a good plaid flannel shirt (I now have a fitted one), my favorite plaid pieces in my wardrobe are a well fitting pencil skirt with a back tiered ruffle, and strapless tailored top that I added straps to. If you've previously worn punk and grunge styles, then think of this as the more polished versions in your favorite plaid patterns.

Mad for Plaid


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