COSTUME: Doomsday 2013

It's that time of year where we scramble to come up with great costume for Doomsday. Doomsday is a post-apocalyptic themed part at a local favorite club. The costume needs to fit the theme, but it also need work in an overheated club. It's the most popular event of the year. The combo of body heat, lack of AC (on purpose, because there's no AC post-apocalypse), and smoke, is instant sweat inducing. For ladies, the skimpier, the better. The small amount of clothing makes for creative costuming. This is a rough draft of what I plan on wearing. I'll try to take photos before the event, but no promises. There are no photos allowed inside the club, but perhaps I'll remember to take some outside with friends...for more costume awesomeness. Again, no promises, because when there is booze, I tend to forget these things.


This is the general concept for my costume. Some elements as I'm working on constructing this costume, are slightly different. My bustle is red netting, black tulle, and black fishnet fabrics tied onto an old pyramid stud belt. I used the concept of a no-sew tutu, and applied it to the bustle concept. I did the normal looping knots using 3-5 pieces at once for the majority of the skirt. I also tied on some single pieces onto the belt, and tied some short pieces onto the looped fabric. I staggered the lengths to give it a nice layered and tattered effect. The strips of fabric don't need to be even widths or that well cut. This is a deconstructed bustle, so it's a messy style...and great for someone who doesn't care about perfection. It's a great style for adding various fabric types, shredding, broken jewelry, holes, burned fabrics...etc. You can incorporate a lot for elements into it, which can tie the costume together nicely. Since I used an old belt, you can tie or wrap around straps of a small purse onto it, that you could remove later. You could also add weapon holsters, and any other little props you could tie onto it. This style would be great for a fairy or steampunk costume, where you want a rougher yet put together look.

My leg garter will be out of red knit elastic, since Joann oddly didn't have black. My skirt is still black, but a different fabric. I shortened a black skirt (one with pockets!) that I bought at Goodwill yesterday. I haven't finalized a hair style, but I'm thinking a large high ponytail, with a PVC or faux leather wrap will be fantastic. I might still add red feathers for more dramatic hair. My harness is a different style one, but this one has the same general effect. My chain belt is too small to work like the one shown. The boots and crop top are the same. Even with the slight changes, the overall look is still the same. I had to add red into the look when Joann didn't have black knit elastic for the garter. This works out fine for me. I'll be able to reuse the bustle for League of Space Pirates events.
Doomsday Costume 2013


I want to do a skull like makeup, but something softer than any of the past skull makeups I've worn. Upon searching for ideas, I came across this tutorial from False Eyelashes. I did something similar a few months ago, which you can see on this post for Black Eyeshadow. This makeup below is a more defined version and will look great. I have some metallic eyelashes I can use, for contrast against the smudged eye makeup.


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